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The TOWN OF CULVER asks for VISITORS to the area and SEASONAL RESIDENTS to follow the 14 DAY SELF-QUARANTINE RULE! There are signs posted on businesses around town of this notification.  Let’s continue to make Culver as safe as we can during these trying times.  Those on essential business are asked to respect social/physical distancing when in proximity to others outside of your scope of work.


If your pump alarm goes off, you must first call the following number:  at 574-250-8533.

Thomas Excavating has replaced Astbury as the repair contact person for the South-West Lake Maxinkuckee Conservancy District.  If your pump is broken and cannot be fixed on site, a replacement pump will be installed in its place.

You should be aware that pump warranties have ended, or are nearing their end, for most of the SWLMCD customers.  If you require service, please call the number above and a replacement pump will be installed until your’s can be repaired.

10-06-2018 Budget Public Hearing Minutes

2b. Minutes of the October 6th, 2018 Public Hearing

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