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Project Update (2/19/2011)

Each of you should have received an engineered drawing during December of 2010 or early January of 2011 showing the location of the hook-up point for your lot. You were provided contact information with this mailing on who to email or call if you wanted to change the placement of your hook-up as well as providing us with information on the location of your well, septic tank or holding tank if that information was available to you. The corrected plans are now available at the Culver/Union Township library. The records of your responses will be kept in the District’s Culver office and can be reviewed, if need be, by making an appointment with Kathy Clark, District Coordinator by either calling 574-952-2963 or emailing (

Once construction begins, it is expected to take from four to five months to complete the installation of the main line and lateral hook-up points. As this work is being done, each property owner will be informed how to take delivery of their grinder pump, which will be furnished by the SWLMCD. The property owner can then make arrangements to have their contractor install the pump and run the lines necessary to hook-up to the main line. An inspection will need to take place prior to filling in the pump and line areas by SWLMCD engineers; this information will be noted on the permit required from the SWLMCD. Though the SWLMCD can not, nor does not, recommend any specific contractor to do this work, there are several local contractors who have followed the entire process and may be able to accommodate your needs. These include Bennett’s Contracting, Mike’s (Grover) Maintenance, and Zehner Excavating. Indiana law has granted authority to the SWLMCD Board of Directors to set a maximum time limit allowed for everyone within the District to hook up to the new sewer system. This time frame has been determined to be one year after the completion of the main line and upon acceptance of the system by the Board. A letter will be sent to all freeholders notifying them of these actions, the date of that letter will determine the start of the year time frame that everyone will have to hook-up to the District. The District also wishes to remind you that you must fill in your septic tank or holding tank as soon as your sewer line is up and operational. This must be done before you can obtain the final sign-off on your SWLMCD permit.

When the system is operational, the sewage from the District will move into Culver’s sewer line and be deposited at the Culver Sewage Treatment Plant. This arrangement was made by separate agreement between the SWLMCD and Culver during 2010.

Watch the calendar on this site for projected construction finish dates to be announced.

District Update (2/19/2011)

The South-West Lake Maxinkuckee Conservancy District begins at the eastern edge of Venetian Village, and runs west along the shoreline up to the Town of Culver’s corporation line, near the Chadwick Shores condominiums.

This District has been divided into seven areas.  The  range of addresses included in each of these areas is listed under the DISTRICT AREAS tab found at the top this web page.   Each area has its own representative who was appointed by the Marshall County Commissioners in 2008 and each representative has a seat on the SWLMCD Board of Directors.  As their original term expires, each representative will be elected to a new four year term by the freeholders who reside in the District.  You can visit the DISTRICT AREAS tab at the top of this page for more information on the area each handles.

Your Board of Directors meets regularly to conduct the business of the District and posts notices of each meeting at the Culver/Union Township Library as required by law.  Your current Board of Directors includes:

AREA ONE – Charles Norman

AREA TWO – Dan Yates

AREA THREE – Richard George

AREA FOUR – Representative position is open as of 9/23/2011

AREA FIVE – Kathryn Densborn, Chair

AREA SIX – Ted Schenberg, Vice Chair

AREA SEVEN – George Duncan, Secretary

The Board has hired several firms to handle day-to-day operations.  They include:

Legal Counsel – Alan M. Hux of Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, Indianapolis

District Coordinator  – Kathy Clark of Lakeside Consulting, Culver

2-19-2011 Board Minutes

minutes 2-19-2011