IF YOU ARE TAKING DOWN YOUR HOUSE, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM THE DISTRICT OFFICE BY CALLING 574-400-5450 OR EMAILING THE DISTRICT OFFICE AT SWconservancy@GMAIL.COM.   NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.  All new construction or major remodel projects MUST be re-inspected for bath count, sewer line must be inspected before being covered, pump must match E-One in regards to specifications.  FAILURE TO ENSURE THESE THINGS HAPPEN MAY RESULT IN A FINANCIAL PENALTY.


My property is currently in the District but does not have a connection point.  I want to (build/remodel) and connect, what steps do I need to take?

Make a request in writing from the legal owner or the contractor (by mail or email) to the District at POB 56, Culver, IN 46511 or SWconservancy@gmail.com.  State the  legal owner’s name, the legal address, and when you intend to connect.  Once approved by the Board, the capital cost to “connect” must be paid up-front.
The capital cost to connect was recently capped at $10,800 which must be paid at the time of approval of the application.  The monthly sewer bill (operations and maintenance costs) is a function of how many bathrooms will be in the dwelling to be connected.  SWLMCD Rate Resolution Effective February 2012.  The monthly billing will start once you are connected.

All costs to run your lateral, purchase and install your pump equipment and lateral to the home are to be paid by you directly to the contractor used by SWLMCD, Thomas Excavating.  You would need to contact them directly and ask for an estimate to install your equipment.

My property is not in the District, how can I connect to the system?
Periodically, the District’s Board intends to consider requests for property to be added to the District.  If approved by the Board, legal steps will be taken (thru the Marshall County court system and with the Town of Culver) in an attempt to add properties to the District.  If you are interested, please call 574-400-5450 and speak to the District Manager.

Why must I grant the District an easement to enter my property?

If there is an emergency blockage or a flow issue that is affecting the entire sewer system, the District’s inspector must try to locate the problem.  If the inspector suspects that the problem originates with a homeowner’s pump or lateral, we must have permission to locate and detect the problem.  This easement does NOT permit the inspector to enter your home or dwelling.


What do I do if the number of bathrooms or dwellings for which I’m being billed is incorrect?

Contact the Operations Manager at 574-400-5450 to schedule a verification inspection.

Can I pay my bill with a credit card?
No, not at this time.

Can I pay my bill on-line?
No, not at this time.

Can I have my bill set-up for an automatic debit of my checking account?
After November 15th of 2021 you can email (karenheim@yahoo.com) for information on how to sign up for ACH or  call 574-400-5450 for more information.

You can also have your bank mail a check to the district to pay your bill monthly.  You will need to have on-line banking services with your bank to do this.  Please allow at least ten days mail time prior to the bill’s due date to be sure you don’t incur any late fees.  Your SWLMCD sewer account number MUST appear on your check!  You may of course also pay your bill in advance, up to one year, if this is easier for you.

I only reside in my house during the summer months.  Can I get a break on my bill?
No.  The District does not meter individual sewer flow rates.  Everyone pays based upon the number of bathrooms PLUS their pro-rata cost of the sewer construction.

I have a billing question or my bill isn’t correct.  Whom do I call?
Please email karenheim@yahoo.com and she can assist you.  The District’s direct dial number for billing inquires is 574-400-5450.


If the pump needs to be repaired, whom do I call?
You can reach Thomas Excavating at 574-225-0459 between the hours of 8 till 3, after those times, you can call Thomas’ 24 hour line at 574-250-8533.  If it is an emergency, Thomas Excavating should be at your property within 1 hour, if not an emergency – they should be there within 4 hours.  They will assess the problem and make a physical inspection, if necessary.  If the issue is with the pump, they will contact the pump manufacturer on your behalf.  If the pump issue is covered under warranty (that is, within the first 1 year of installation, and the failure is not a result of abuse or improper items disposed), then there is no charge.  If the pump has failed for a non-warranty issue, or if the issue is with your pipe (lateral) or other item on your property, you will be charged for the repair.  A replacement pump will be billed directly to you by the District, labor will be billed  directly to you by Thomas Excavating.

How do I contact my District Representative?  (or who is my district representative)?

All calls should be directed to Operations Manager (Kathy Clark) at 574-400-5450 or via email at SWconservancy@gmail.com, or go to the Area Tab on this website to determine your district representative.

Do I have to connect to the new sewer system?

Yes if your property is located within the District’s territory.  You can print the Steps To Hook-up, the Permit, and the Abandonment Affidavit with the following links:  Steps to Hook-Up to Sewer; SWLMCD Application and Affidavit

Can I attend the District Meetings?

Yes, the meetings are open to the public.  Go to the meeting tab on this site for information on meeting dates, times and places.